By this notice, EMONLI GROUP, established on el Agua Street, number 19 Jaraíz de la Vera (Cáceres), informs users of the Website of its policy of protecting personal data.

The use of the Web site and any services that are incorporated in it implies full acceptance of the conditions that manifest in the Privacy Policy set out below: 

  • Data collection.

In accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that personal data obtained as a result of browsing this Web, query and subscription as a customer, will be included in a file owned by Emonli Group, which has implemented all the security measures established by Royal Decree 1720/2007. However, technical security in an electronic medium like the Internet is not 100% achievable, and may be illegal acts carried out by outsiders Emonli Group.

The collection and processing of personal data are intended only for the maintenance of the relationship between the user and Emonli Group, as well as proper management and provision of information about the products sold on this website.

Unless specifically stated otherwise, shall be deemed necessary to complete all the fields in each form, for which the user must complete the forms with true, accurate, complete and current. The user shall be solely responsible for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, leading to Emonli Group or any third party due to complete the forms with false, inaccurate, incomplete or outdated data or third party data.

Through the different areas that are part of this Web site, users can obtain information, consultation and participation in all educational and institutional activities Emonli Group offers through its Web site. 

  • Informed consent for processing the user data.

The user is informed that the communication or supply of any personal data by any means, especially through forms available on the Web involves the provision of their free, unequivocal, specific, informed and explicit consent to the processing of data personal by Emonli Group for the following purposes:

Verify the user's identity.

Service and manage communications and / or requests received by any means of communication, especially through the Web form.

Keep a history of trade relations between the user and Emonli Group

Optimize the commercial, administrative and financial management of Web users.

Delivery of information and advertising campaigns underway to users who have so authorized in the form of the Web, such authorization may be revoked at any time by the user.

For the fulfillment of services offered, Emonli Group is obliged to provide certain user information to other companies that work with the service (carriers, financial institutions, etc..). In any case, the data that are provided to such third persons are strictly necessary for the provision of the requested service.

Emonli Group undertakes to keep secret and keep all information provided by the user with the exceptions set out above in the strictest confidence.

Group Emonli reserves in any case the right to verify the accuracy of the data provided by the user.

Emonli Group does not solicit or accept, data or information of a private nature or strictly personal of users that are not relevant to the commercial purpose of the Web. Optional data that the user is asking for sole aim to offer a better service and adapting the Web to your preferences, without involving his failure to complete any reduction in the quality of the service being marked with an asterisk (* ) the character strictly necessary to contact the user and respond to your requests.

  • Access, rectification, cancellation and opposition

The user owner of personal data has the right to access their personal data and to take appropriate action under the terms and limitations set out in regulations.

Group Emonli makes available to registered customers of web tools that allows you to exercise your right to access and correct personal data in a simple and safe way.

To cancel and oppose use of personal data, the client must contact with reference LOPD indicating the specific right would make if Cancel the data offered in the register (giving up of the system and can not regain access to your account unless you register again) or Opposition  to use the personal data offered in which case the contact may be complicated if incorrect orders or other controversy occurring in a purchase.

In the case of opposition, the customer can object to their personal data being used in one of the treatments being available for other treatments that are reported in the previous section. The customer will have to report on what is the treatment to be excluded in this case. Under the Data Protection Act will require that the client wants to exclude the service provides any type of document (national identity card, passport or similar document of accreditation) to support the person who is claiming to be. He was excluded from services in legal terms and forms that the law provides.

Transfer of data.

The user agrees that his data may be transferred exclusively for the purposes described above, to the entities / companies Emonli Group. User acceptance that their data can be treated or disposed in the form established in this paragraph always has revocable nature without retroactive effect, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 6 and 11 of Law 15/1999 of December 13.

 Cookies Policy. 

a) Using the web Cookies

b) Types, purpose and operation of Cookies

c) How to disable Cookies on major browsers

d) What happens if cookies are disabled

a) Using the web Cookies

The Web use ¨ Cookies ¨, and similar devices (hereinafter Cookies). Cookies are files sent to a browser by a web server to record user activities in a particular website or all websites, apps and / or Web services (hereinafter the Service) . The primary purpose of cookies is to provide the user faster access to selected services. In addition, Cookies personalize the Web Services offered, facilitating and providing each User information that is of interest or that may be of interest, having regard to your use of the Services.

The Web use cookies to personalize and facilitate navigation of the User. Cookies are only associated with an anonymous user and computer and do not provide references that allow the User's personal data. Users may set your browser to notify and reject the installation of cookies sent by the Web, without affecting the ability of the user to access the Content. However, we note that it, in any case, the performance of the website may be impaired.

Registered Users who register or have logged in, may benefit from more personalized services and targeted to your profile, thanks to the combination of the data stored in cookies with personal data used at the time of registration. These users expressly authorize the use of this information for the purpose indicated, without prejudice to their right to reject or disable cookies. 

b) Types, purpose and operation of Cookies

Cookies, in terms of their permanence, may be divided into permanent or session cookies. The first expire when the user closes the browser. The second function expire when the purpose for which they serve (eg, that keeps the user identified in the Services) or when manually deleted is met.

Additionally, depending on your goal, the cookies can be classified as follows:

PERFORMANCE COOKIES: This type of cookie remembers your preferences for the tools found in the Services, so no need to reconfigure the service every time you visit. For example, in this type include:

The objects stored in the "shopping cart" in the E-commerce services.

GEO-LOCATION COOKIES: These cookies are used to find out which country is when a service is requested. This cookie is completely anonymous and is only used to help guide the content of its location.

REGISTRATION COOKIES: The registration Cookies are generated once the user is registered or subsequently opened its session, and are used to identify you on the Services with the following objectives:

Keeping the user identified so that if you close a service, the browser or the computer and at another time or another day reenters the Service will continue identified, making it easier to browse without having to login. This functionality can be deleted if the user presses the feature "close session", so that this cookie is deleted and the next time you enter the Service User will have to login to be identified

Additionally, some services may use connectors with social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. When the user is logged into a service with a social network credentials, authorizes the social network to store a persistent cookie to remember your identity and ensures access to the Services until it expires. The user can delete this Cookie and revoke access to social networking services by updating your preferences on specific social network.

COOKIES FOR ANALYSIS: Each time a user visits a service, a tool from an external vendor (Omniture, Netscope, Comscore and the like which may be added to this list in the event of changes in relation to current) generates an analytic in Cookie User's computer. This Cookie is generated only in the visit, will serve in future visits to Services to identify anonymous visitors. The main objectives to be achieved are: Allow anonymous identification boaters users through the "Cookie" (identifies browsers and devices, not people) and hence the approximate counting the number of visitors and their trends over time.

Anonymously identify the most visited content and therefore more attractive to the users for the User Know if you are accessing is new or repeated visit.

Important: Unless the user decides to register with a service, the "Cookie" will never associated with any other personal information that can identify you. Such Cookies will only be used for statistical purposes that help to optimize the experience of users on the site.

Learn more about the privacy policy of these tools:


c) How to disable Cookies on major browsers

Microsoft Internet Explorer users

Disabling cookies

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x users can disable or manage their cookie settings by clicking the "View" menu, "Internet Options",  and selecting the "Privacy" tab.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x users can disable cookies by clicking the "View" menu, "Internet Options", "Advanced" and select "Never accept cookies" or "Warn me before accepting cookies."

Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.x users can disable or warn for cookies by clicking the "View" menu, "Options", "Advanced" and select "Never accept cookies" or "Warn me before accepting cookies."

Google ChromeGoogle Chrome users 

Click on the "wrench"  Chrome wrench icon or "Menu" Chrome Menu button icon, which is located near the top-right side of the browser window and

Click Settings.

At the bottom of Settings click Show advanced settings

In the Privacy section click the Content settings button

Within the Content Settings you'll be able to Allow local data to be set (recommended and enable setting), Keep local data only until I quit my browser, Block sites from setting any data (disable), and the option that allows you to manage each site cookie settings.

FirefoxMozilla Firefox users

Disabling cookies

To disable Mozilla Firefox 1.0 cookies, click the "Tools" menu, "Options", clicking the "Privacy" button, and under "Cookies" uncheck the "Allow sites to set cookies" option.

NetscapeNetscape users

Disabling cookies

Netscape 4.x users can disable cookies by clicking the "Edit" menu, "Preferences", "Advanced", and select "Warn before accepting cookies."

Netscape 7.x users can disable cookies by clicking the "Tools" menu and then opening the "Cookie Manager."

OperaOpera users

Opera users can manage, disable, and enable their cookies by clicking the "File" menu, "Preferences", and selecting "Privacy."

d) What happens if cookies are disabled

Some features of the Services will be disabled, for example, remain identified, keep shopping at the "shopping cart" in an e-commerce service, receive information for your location.


The Web of may modify this Policy Cookies based on laws, regulations, or in order to adapt the policy to the instructions issued by the Spanish Data Protection Agency is why we suggest to users demands who visit regularly.

When significant changes in this Cookies Policy, Users can communicate using the web or via email to registered users.

Changes to this Privacy Policy.

Emonli Group informs the user that can be used at no time  someone else identity. As the user solely responsible for the consequences of use of outside their person or false front Emonli Group Policy the person whose identity has been supplanted any injured third party.

If the user is underage or incompetent, it is necessary to have the consent of their parents, guardians or legal for the purposes of providing any personal information to Emonli Group representatives, not being responsible for the use which the minor or incompetent unauthorized I can do this website.

Emonli Group reserves the right to amend this policy to adapt to new legal requirements, such modifications being duly registered in the Web.

Users of our site are aware of the above and accept it voluntarily.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please write to